This is a blog dedicated to Nuno Bettencourt and Extreme.
My name is Adriana, 22 years, Portugal.
If you want to know more, just ask me :)

5 days to see Extreme live. Can’t wait!

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you happen to know if Nuno wrote/played the guitar solo for the album version Skin by Rihanna? I know during the live tour he plays it a bit differently. Just curious! I know he has guitar solos in a few other songs.


He probably did, i don’t really know because i’m not a fan of Rihanna :p but i’m sure she lets him do the thing on his own way, since she wanted him to join the band so much, so maybe he wrote it :) 

Anonymous asked: Hi, i'm Paula i see that you too love Nuno , so i want to talk about him ,with you :D it's really fantastic that you have Extreme tickets *W* , my dream


Hi Paula :D sorry, i only saw this now. I’m happy that you like him too, its so great to talk to other Nuno fans! Yes, i’m going to see extreme here in Portugal, it is really a dream. I hope you have that opportunity one day :)

(sorry for my bad inglish :b)

tomorrowisnevercoming asked: I fu** love your blog it's perfect thanks for follow


Thank you so much! :)))

Nuno Bettencourt talks revisiting Extreme's Pornograffitti →
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